St Andrew's Church, Colyton

St Andrew's, Colyton

Some worship in it, some enjoy its peace, some admire it from a distance, but almost everyone appreciates it as a fine historic building of great significance and value to the town.

It is hard to imagine Colyton without its church and most unusual lantern tower.  Both are much loved by local people and the many visitors who stop to marvel at their magnificence.

Like any ancient building, St Andrew's requires expensive and on-going maintenance to preserve its fabric both for the benefit of today's community and for future generations.

From the 12th century a church has stood on the site of St Andrew's, forming the centre of life for the community.  Over 800 years it must have touched the lives of the majority of those living and working within the parish of Colyton, whether at baptism, marriage or death.

The present church only survives thanks to the generosity of those who have donated funds or effort over the years.  It has survived civil war and rebellion and today offers a haven of peace and tranquillity for anyone who seeks it.

Whatever your religious beliefs, we hope you will agree that Colyton, its people and its businesses would be the poorer without such a wonderful focal point within the town.

It is therefore up to us to play a part in ensuring that the walls, stained glass windows, lantern tower, bells etc. of our beautiful church are preserved for generations to come.