We would welcome you as a Friend of St Andrew’s on any of the following  terms:
Individual subscription minimum.
£5 per annum.
Family/couple subscription min.
£10 per annum.
Corporate membership (e.g. school, business or organisation)
£25 per annum.
Individual life membership min.
£100 and/or making the Friends a beneficiary in your will.
As a member you will receive a newsletter keeping you up to date with our funding projects and giving advance notice of our events, and also a discount on tickets for these events.

Please contact us for a membership form, or print one off from link below

The Government operates a scheme called Gift Aid that allows charities to claim the basic rate tax on every pound donated. So if you donated £100 to the Friends of St Andrew’s, it means that you’ll actually be giving us at least £125.  Giving under Gift Aid means that so much more money can be raised at no extra cost to our donors.

As a member you get discounts to all our events and a newsletter containing our programme for the year: